Year in Review- 2013

Like most people with a new calendar year starting, we too have been looking back and reflecting on what we set out to accomplish in 2013 and evaluating what we were able to pull off in an ever changing business environment. Check out our INFOGRAPHIC that proudly highlights some of our accomplishments.

We are proud to be approaching our 10th anniversary for being incorporated in August, 2014. Our employees we call family; we now have more than seventy family members based out of Rochester, NY. They serve more than 5,000 clients across more than 2,500 accounts in the U.S. and Canada. Our clients processed close to $1B in Catering and Take-Out orders this past year.

Here is what some were predicting for 2013, we thought they got a few right – what do you think?

  1. Vegetables take a star turn– We saw many café and catering menus that highlighted farm fresh, local produce as main entrees and side dishes. Regardless of the industry, customers were asking for seasonal freshness.
  2. Great Grains– Polenta and couscous have been popular, but we saw even more menu items featuring quinoa.
  3. Chicken Surprise– Been around seemingly forever as main staples in buffets and sandwiches, new recipe twists were predicted with chickens. We did not see any large increase in new styles for chicken. Did we get it wrong? Did you have a new crowd pleaser? Let us hear what is popular from your menu.
  4. Snacking Nation– Who doesn’t love a mid-morning, afternoon or Tapas for lunch or dinner. This predicted trend is true and we saw many menus add in more varieties for snack size options.

So what are some saying is in store for 2014?

  1. Health Driven Dishes– not a new trend, but customers are looking for added health benefits for their diets and are still seeking our protein packed grains and local farm fresh produce.
  2. Grazing is still Growing– another trend that is continuing to gain momentum. “The small plates phenomenon … has been huge,” Ms. Kruse said. “For a customer who’s maybe a little bit unsure about (an item) and would like to give it a test run, these are nice small bites — controlled-portion, controlled-calorie, cost-controlled and really day part flexible, as well.”
  3. Technology Interface Revolution– a trend we are happy to see prevalent in the news. Many cafés are looking to cut wait times and offer loyalty programs, which are all possible with our application. Learn why our clients choose and refer us to their peers.

Happy New Year to our clients that deliver the best hospitality and the freshest dishes! Thank you for choosing CaterTrax, the technology to run your multiple-location foodservice businesses. We appreciate your loyalty to us and look forward to serving you our best in 2014.

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