What to do with Prosperity?

About a month ago we released our Prosper infographic, part of The CaterTrax Effect series. It may have seemed like the end, or at least a good stopping point. After all, isn’t a major goal of any business to prosper? To date, our series illustrates how the CaterTrax Platform takes caterers out of Chaos, a state in which they lose time and money, into a prosperous state where they’re growing 15% year over year on average.

Growing your bottom line

Prosper is about growth. And in business, there are really only three ways to do that. You must increase the number of new customers, increase the frequency of purchase by existing customers, and increase the amount purchased by existing customers. The end result of these increases is a more profitable business. Our Platform offers features like coupons, loyalty programs, social media plugins, a message center, and automatic upselling. These tools can help you maintain customer relationships, reward loyalty, and influence spending habits.

Now that you’ve grown, is it time to expand?

If you’ve been following our series, than you probably know that Prosper isn’t the end. In a few weeks we will release the final stage in our business maturity model, Scale. This is the stage where you can take the time and money you’ve saved and add more locations, explore new markets, or expand your menu/offering. And our platform can help you manage multiple units with one system.

Look for the Scale infographic in the new year.

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