We’ve made managing take-out easier than ever

The take-out industry may focus on customer convenience, but we had more than that in mind as we developed new enhancements to our Take-Out Solution. Our goal is to make offering take out easier for café operators, allowing them to capitalize on a multibillion dollar industry, increase profitability, and extend customer reach.

New enhancements to our Take-Out Solution

Take-Out Solution makes take out convenient for both customers and operators, offering order management and online ordering as well as mobile, social media, text messaging, and printer options. Today marks the formal release of new enhancements that increase the messaging capabilities and allow foodservice operators to print to multiple devices.

More printing options

Kitchen Printer, an optional add-on to the solution, allows operators to print a kitchen order for the cook and a customer receipt for the to-go container. This flexible solution even allows clients to configure when orders will print and to which printer based on when the food is due.

Now foodservice operators can route orders to specific food stations for each take-out order. For example, if a customer order was spread between a pizza station and a salad station, the printer at each station would get the appropriate part of the order. This feature increases the speed and accuracy with which orders are prepared, saving time for staff and increasing customer satisfaction.

Increased messaging capabilities

The new enhancements also provide more messaging capabilities. The mobile-friendly Take-Out Solution allows for order confirmation emails and text messages. Operators can now send automated email and text messages to let customers know when their orders are ready for pick up. This feature frees up staff to move on to the next order while ensuring customers pick up freshly prepared meals.

And these are just the latest enhancements. To learn more about what Take-Out Solution can do for you, contact us at 1(800) 975-TRAX.


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