Take Home Meals Represent A Huge Opportunity

The ability to order food to take home after work, from a desktop, opens up enormous opportunities for kitchen facilities in corporate, healthcare and other food service environments. In fact, according to the Food Service Contractors Industry Profile from First Research Corporation, published in 2009, take home meals represent a market potential of $30 billion annually in new revenue for hospitality and retail facilities.

The model for the consumer is simple: Order and pay for your meals via a CaterTrax site with the Take Home Meals Module, specify time for pick-up and grab them on your way out of work. No extra trips to a store or restaurant means a significant savings in time for your customer.

For the food service provider Take Home Meals offer a new and lucrative source of revenue by adding an entirely new service that leverages the assets you already have. If you offer pre-prepared meals for heating up later, your prep time can be carved out of slow periods in the kitchen.

CaterTrax builds in system rules to ensure that orders have enough lead time for preparation. It also can be configured to accept credit cards from individuals, calculate taxes if any and set pick-up times. Adding a Take Home Meals Module to an existing CaterTrax system is easy- simply contact your designated CaterTrax rep.

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