Service as Software

Before we got into the software business, we were hardworking foodservice professionals. Our experience in the hospitality industry (four generations of it) taught us that customer satisfaction is critical to the success of any business. Knowing who your customers are, understanding their individual needs, and keeping them happy are a way of life in this industry.

TRAX Platform began as a way to run our own catering operation more smoothly. We became more accurate and efficient, both key to delivering great products and services—and keeping customers satisfied. It became apparent that we had something really great and we decided to shift gears and start CaterTrax, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company.

At our core, we’re still hospitality people. Ours is not the story of a software company uncovering a need in the marketplace. We’re foodservice people who found a better way to run a catering business. That’s why we’re so focused on our clients and the client experience. We take the Service part of the SaaS industry very seriously—it’s central to how we run our business.

We’re here to serve you

The majority of our employees are part of the Client Services team. From menus to support, we’re all here to serve our clients. Our core objective is to improve the lives of caterers and foodservice operators. And from the feedback we’ve been getting from our TRAXERS, it looks like we’re achieving our goal.

“CaterTrax customer service is the absolute best! Your team is great; in particular, Amanda Sharpe has been so patient with us and always so helpful. Thanks so much!” – Julia Capron, Catering Team Leader

“I love the customer service, prompt responses, and follow up is amazing!” – Amanda Taylor, Administrator

“The Client Services team turnaround time exceeded any expectations I had and I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate it! “Exceeding Expectations” – that really should be you and your company’s tag line. Thank you so much again! It is this kind of Customer Service and consistent examples of excellence that would propel any company forward.” – Bill Benson, CFO

“The Support staff is phenomenal! They’re always pleasant and take care of things immediately. Thank you!” –  Sabrina Corbett, Unit Manager

Our commitment to customer service shapes the way we structure our teams, our consultative approach to designing custom solutions, and our decision to offer comprehensive, life-long training and support to our clients.


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