Online ordering that works for you

Last week we took a look at online ordering aggregators and asked the question: what’s in it for operators?  Other than giving customers an online ordering option—not much.

Aggregators are only concerned with customer convenience. When it comes to online ordering, you’re much better off having a website of your own. Not only won’t you be competing for screen time and giving away a cut of each order, but you’ll also reap the benefits of having your own online ordering solution.

Give customers control over the order process

Customers don’t just want online ordering, they expect it. With an ordering solution like Catering or Take-Out, they also get control over their orders. From their customer accounts they can manage their current and past orders. These features allow your customers to place, change, and track orders anytime, so you’ll no longer be swamped by phone calls or bogged down by pieces of paper.

As one of our clients put it, “Our customers love the fact that they can look up past orders or place a new order right on the CaterTrax website. We will get several new orders a day without having to take their order which saves us time and money.”

Customer convenience is just the tip of the ice berg

As the cliché suggests, the customer-facing ordering site should just be the visible portion of a much larger system. Our clients like their ordering websites, but they love the backend of their CaterTrax Solution. Not only can they see all of the orders placed through their website, but they can also easily manage their calendar to keep the kitchen running smoothly.

Unlike aggregators, our mission is to improve the lives of foodservice operators. That’s why we’ve packed our solutions with features like dynamic calendar views, color-coded order status pins, and the live invoice monitor to help our clients manage their day, week, and month for everything from staffing to supplies. Features like these help you increase accuracy and efficiency, which impact customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

To quote another happy client, “The tools CaterTrax offers have been a huge time saver for me. The old way required us to re-type information every time an order detail changed. With this system, my staff AND my customers get instant confirmation any time an order changes. Now everything is automatic which means fewer mistakes!”

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