Made to Order

In foodservice we didn’t sell packaged food, so it never occurred to us to sell our technology that way. Naturally we had a menu in our catering days, but customers often viewed that as a guideline.

Today we have web-based solutions for our clients to choose from that are flexible and configurable (think type of bread or condiments on a sandwich) and designed to work together (add a salad or dessert to the sandwich). And these work well for most of our clients. But some clients need us to go beyond the standard features, so we offer add-ons, managed services, and professional services (creating a custom menu for a special event).

Improving lives

Popular add-ons and services such as credit card gateways, graphic design, and interfaces may seem to stray from our core product, foodservice management technology, but they are key to our core mission—improving life for caterers and foodservice operators. We accommodate our clients’ needs because we understand that a rooms management add-on or a back-office accounting integration will make running their business easier, just as a custom menu will make a customer’s event more memorable.

Service as a Software

When we made the decision to leverage our foodservice history and experience to create an online technology system, we kept our hospitality roots intact. In fact, our family catering and restaurant tradition, going back over a century, is still very much alive today. That’s why our approach to technology is focused on service and our clients.

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