Life-changing catering software

Our core mission is to improve the lives of caterers and foodservice operators. That goal is the driving force behind everything from product development to platform enhancements. Our most popular product is our Catering Solution, which makes sense as the test kitchen for the TRAX Platform recipe was our own family catering operation.

Many of the rave reviews from our TRAXERS are specifically about their experience with Catering and the impact it has on their business.

“A big plus for our business”

As Michael Murphy, General Manager of a catering operation put it, “I am a big fan of CaterTrax and it has been a big plus for our business. It enabled us to streamline our catering and be more consistent across our divisions. I love the tools for tracking sales and changes and the ease of changing menus.”

Our Catering Solution makes chaos a thing of the past, giving operators more control over their businesses. The robust backend of the system creates efficiency, improves employee morale, and helps managers make informed business decisions—all of which help increase customer satisfaction and profits. The customer-facing frontend helps clients promote their businesses and adds convenience for their customers, giving them more control over the ordering process. It’s like getting two software packages in one!

“Greatly improved our efficiency”

As Christine Peraino, Operations Manager at a hospital catering operation put it, “The CaterTrax program has greatly improved our efficiency. In the past we missed catering events, not anymore!  I like the streamlining of available items and the fact that customers are able to be more interactive with their orders.”

We love hearing from our clients; specifically we love hearing that our software is helping them run their businesses. It’s even better when we have the opportunity to meet with them and hear their stories. Recently we had the chance to speak with Anita Daniels, Catering Manager for an on-site catering operation at a large corporate office. She relived the bad old days—spending hours on the phone, chasing pieces of paper, and apologizing to customers when something eventually went wrong.

“Everything is easier”

All that changed when the Catering Solution was implemented at her location. As she put it, “Everything is easier with CaterTrax. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!” Our software improved her time and order management, freeing her up to focus on providing excellent food and service. To learn more about Anita’s experience with CaterTrax, read our case study.

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  1. I never heard about Life-changing catering software before. I really appreciate after listing first time, I read whole blog and now i have decide to use this Life-changing catering software for my catering business…..

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