Let There Be Light

This week we officially released our Control infographic. The graphic represents the first phase of our business maturity model, The CaterTrax Effect.

From Chaos to Control

Life after chaos begins with a light at the end of the tunnel guiding you out of chaos. Implementing a CaterTrax system gets chaos under control and brings accuracy and accountability into your business. With our platform you can begin to manage your bottom line—saving time, money, and resources.

Do you remember when the light came on?

Whether you saw the infographic in the email we sent to our clients and friends or the press release, we’d like your feedback. Take a moment to vote on our poll, post a comment, or both.

What effect of control did you experience first?
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One Response to Let There Be Light

  1. Tom Tucker says:

    I wanted to express a sincere appreciation for the members of the USAA Starbucks in Building A. These individuals: Mingo, Irma, Becky, Jason and Rosie are true professionals. There is no chaos with them in charge. They are fast, efficient, friendly, helpful, cheerful, kind and attuned to the customer's request. They should be highlighted as an outstanding example of teamwork and efficiency.

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