How does CaterTrax increase revenue by 15%?

There is no denying that CaterTrax has an effect on catering businesses. By now you’ve likely heard that the Catering Module is proven to increase sales revenue by 15% on average year over year. And if you’re one of our clients, there is probably little doubt that life before and after CaterTrax is quite different. Have you ever wondered what happens along the way to cause these dramatic transformations? We have—it’s the CaterTrax Effect.


Introducing the CaterTrax Effect: a Maturity Model

We are hard at work developing our interpretation of a maturity model that illustrates the effect that the CaterTrax Platform has when introduced to the foodservice ecosystem. The CaterTrax Effect will be represented in a series of infographics. Our model will incorporate the different phases of how a foodservice business matures as it utilizes our platform: Control, Track, Prosper, and Scale.

Check out the Chaos Infographic

The starting point of our model is Chaos—the state that most of our clients come to us in. If you’d like to take a trip down memory lane, take a look at our Chaos infographic.

How has CaterTrax affected your business?

The good news is that once you start using our platform, things improve pretty quickly. So, if that’s where you were, you’re not there anymore. When we first implemented the Catering Module at our catering business, we noticed how quickly the day to day became more manageable. And now, thousands of implementations later, we’ve witnessed similar effects at our clients’ businesses. Everyone has their own story based on their needs, their configurations, and how they use their system. What’s yours? Leave a comment below to share your story.

And stay tuned! We’re busy working on Control and will be posting our progress in a week or two.

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