Has the Thanksgiving Dinner Menu changed very much since 1779?

According to a letter written by Juliana Smith to her cousin Betsey, this is what was served in New England for Thanksgiving dinner in 1779:

This blog post set out to be a bit of a history lesson about Thanksgiving dinner, but I was able to quickly find multiple recipes for what dear Juliana Smith prepared for dinner in 1779. It would seem our modern day menus have maintained their roots in tradition centuries later.  Click on the links above to see recipes for the 1779 dinner.

Join in on the conversation; we have been asking questions on our Face Book page about what people are planning on their menus. We are planning on randomly selecting a TRAXER and sending them a local food treat in honor of how thankful we are to have great clients!

Don’t fret if you are among the group of hosts and hostess that has not had time to plan their menu Maybe you just need some inspiration, check out our Pinterest boards to get your inspiration for side dishes with a twist. Don’t forget about dessert! I know in my
house pumpkin pie is something they ask me not to mess with, but there is a
Pinterest board dedicated to Thanksgiving dessert recipes with a twist. No
matter what you serve next week, it is likely similar to the menu in 1779. Food
brings friends and families together- enjoy it!


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