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When it comes to our most popular features, you don’t have to look much further than our TRAXER page to see why our clients love them. In March we reviewed what a survey revealed to be our top five features and we gave you an earful (or is it eyeful?) on the value of each. Now, on the heels of a new survey, it’s time for us to let our clients do the talking. Affectionately referred to as TRAXERS, our clients have a lot to say.

#1 Online Ordering

“Online ordering is more efficient and helps us manage our budgets.” – Edie Loire, Corporate Services Manager

 “CaterTrax has simplified the ordering process for the guest and the back of house for our administrative staff.” – Lebert Abreo, General Manager

“It has helped with communication when ordering. The order tracking feature is great.” – Tomicki Pierson, Administrative Assistant

“The option of ordering meals online and having them ready at lunch is a positive experience for customers.” – Gail Porter, Manager

#2 Calendar Views

“We are able to use the tool to forecast for upcoming months and update weekly. We can adjust our labor appropriately based on our catering needs by just glancing at the calendar feature.” – Bobbi Garland, Unit Manager

“I love having CaterTrax! I can glance at the month’s caterings and know what we need to order, etc. It has made people more aware.” – Manager

#3 Kitchen Sheets

We recently completed a case study focusing on how CaterTrax solutions have helped a Catering Manager at a busy on-site catering operation increase accuracy and efficiency. Here is an excerpt from that study that highlights the positive impact this feature is having.

Online orders automatically populate TRAX Platform calendars and generate corresponding kitchen sheets and invoices. Dynamic calendars allow staff to easily see the orders for the day, week, or month. Kitchen sheets make every order clear, ensuring they are prepped on time and to specifications. And editable invoices save time on billing while ensuring every item is billed correctly.

#4 Editable Invoices

“CaterTrax saves me a tremendous amount of time with billing at the end of the week.” – Deb Jenkins, General Manager

“Our monthly accounting of floor stock and catering had improved via accurate and timely billing.” – Robert Bradford, General Manager

#5 Reports

“CaterTrax is an easy system to help you be organized get reports and sales. Love it!” – Bookkeeper

“CaterTrax solutions have streamlined data hunts and search requirements for our team.  We simply search for past events, history, and sales reports.  CaterTrax takes the stress, delays, and time investment out of our routine.” – Director of Catering & Sales

A way of life

With the latest influx of feedback, we’re finding that many of our clients love their CaterTrax solution so much that they never want to give it up.

“I love it! I had never used it before this job, but don’t ever want to go back to the old-fashioned way.” – Kraig Wiant, General Manager

“I refuse to run any account as a General Manager that does not have CaterTrax. It’s just too much work to have to manually do invoices, orders, and etc. I love CaterTrax!” – Monique Rys, General Manager

“Your team is very quick to respond; and the changes throughout the system are excellent! I have used CaterTrax at my past accounts and when I arrived at my present account I requested it the first week I was here. It’s a great tool—it makes me more productive at my job.” – Jason Cook, General Manager

“Everything is easier with CaterTrax. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!” – Anita Daniels, Catering Supervisor

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