Customer Benefits = Real Value

Manage the Front and Back of the House

eCommerce is everywhere. It’s the new frontier. Not so long ago, a business just had to have a basic website to seem legit. You know, something to appear in a Google search. Now you need to give your customers the option to buy online, too. Foodservice is no exception, and it goes beyond cafés that offer delivery service.

Customers want to order lunch ahead or book catering for an event from the comfort of their own home or office whenever the mood strikes. And that’s the key—it’s all about customer convenience.

These days it seems everyone is in the online ordering game. From aggregators like GrubHub to social networks like Facebook, a variety of companies are offering solutions. And while many of these are great for customers (even with some known issues), what are they doing for operators and kitchen staff?

What’s in it for you?

Much has been said about the large and growing online and mobile ordering market, and a reasonable assumption is that offering them will increase sales. But what then? Are you prepared for the influx? How will you manage the orders as they come in? Online ordering alone may only increase the chaos that many cafés and catering businesses experience on a daily basis.

Customer convenience should boost your bottom line

Online ordering works best when it is the customer-facing side of a full-featured foodservice management system. Software like the TRAX Platform provides a professional ordering website while logging the details of every order into a robust back-end management system. Not only is every order tracked and displayed on a dynamic calendar, the data in the system allows users to run reports on sales, products, and customers.

The real benefits of online ordering for operators using management software comes from the control it gives them over their business. Our clients like their CaterTrax websites, but they really love the increased efficiency, increased accuracy, and reduced costs that the back-end features give them.

Customer benefits like convenience are important, especially in this technological age, but make sure those benefits provide real value for your business.

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